Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, U.S. Navy sailor & woman, May 1943

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, U.S. Navy sailor & woman, May 1943

Formed in 2002, Americans Remembered is an official founding partner of the Veterans History Project, part of the Library of Congress. Working with volunteers, we have preserved over 1,200 video recorded memories of America’s veterans, mostly from WWII. Many of those WWII vets are now deceased, but their stories live on. 

After our founder’s focus shifted to supporting today’s troops and their Family members fighting the War on Terror, Americans Remembered went dormant for a few years but is now coming back to life with renewed energy. Our renewed focus is to consolidate individual stories into anthologies, to help those writing their individual memoirs to make that dream come true, and to continue preserving memories in video interviews. American veterans from all eras and those Family members who supported them is where our focus will be. Our first project has started - a book of individual military stories from veterans of Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church in Marietta, GA. Several other projects are in the planning stage for later this year and in the future. 

We need your help - volunteers to help collect the stories, donations to help fund our work, and those who wore the uniform of the American military (and just as importantly, those who supported them from the home front) to tell their stories - regardless of what form they want to preserve it in. Come back and visit this site often - we will be adding new material to it regularly.   




Bob Babcock
Founder | Americans Remembered